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Tuesday January 15, 2008
MAKE no bones about it, referring to Japanese whalers euphemistically as "factory ships" gives them a gloss - in everyday vocabulary they are floating abattoirs. Col Shephard, Yamba

Religious Ritual Slaughter Faces Review

Saturday August 4, 2007
RELIGIOUS ritual slaughter at federal and state abattoirs will immediately be reviewed, the Federal Government has announced.

Cattle Trade Ban Over Cruelty

Monday February 27, 2006
THE export of live cattle to Egypt has been banned until the Egyptian Government proves its abattoirs are not severely mistreating animals.

Abattoir To Beef Up Its Numbers

Wednesday April 30, 2003
SCONE'S Primo abattoir is set to almost double its staff, bucking the trend in which abattoirs have dumped 350 staff in the Upper Hunter.

Tafe Signs Deal With Scone Abattoir

Tuesday August 27, 2002
PRIMO Australia Scone Abattoirs, with a $15million expansion into the export market under way, has turned to the Hunter Institute of TAFE for its training needs.

Residents Want Detail

Thursday February 17, 2000
MORE than 400ha of the North Wallarah Peninsula between Caves Beach and Cams Wharf is proposed for a new `flexible zone' which allows for virtually any kind of `sustainable' development. Sandmining, dirty industries, wreckers' yards, abattoirs, airports, bulky stores, institutions, motor show ro

Unkindest Cut For Small Town Abattoir

Monday June 14, 1999
"What would Bill Clinton care about a little dot on the map called Harden Abattoirs in NSW?" asked Mr Rod Freebody, the foreman of the site, as he watched his workers in white coats cut, slice, saw and package lamb. He reckons that the abattoir, which reopened 18 months ago in a joint

Hunter's Meat Axe

Saturday May 15, 1999
MORE Hunter abattoirs could be threatened in a meat industry shake-up following the closure of the Aberdeen Abattoirs, according to Hunter Development Minister Richard Face. Mr Face has sounded a warning in State Parliament that the closure of the 109-year-old landmark and 400 local jobs could b

Cotton Chemicals Found In Export Beef

Friday December 18, 1998
The Queensland Government has been accused of covering up a meat contamination scare after news emerged yesterday that cattle from 10 properties have been rejected at export abattoirs in the past week. The northern NSW and southern Queensland produce tested positive for endosulfan, the main chemi

European Threat To Ban Our Beef Fades

Wednesday October 28, 1998
Australian meat is expected to keep its place on European supermarket shelves, despite European Union criticism of Australian abattoirs, Australian Quarantine officials said yesterday. Early this week, the EU warned that Australian meat exports could be banned after a routine inspection of Austra

Two Sluggers Go Head-to-head As Electoral Shuffle Rattles Coalition

Saturday June 6, 1998
This is the stoush between the bush battler and the bush blueblood and if it goes all the way, it could rend the NSW Coalition asunder. This is Alby Schultz - who fought (sometimes literally) his way into management from the boning floors of abattoirs to wrest from Labor a seat it had held for f

Actu Plans Strike Campaign As Wharfies' Dispute Widens

Monday April 20, 1998
The ACTU will today announce a campaign of national strikes in support of the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) as the Federal Government and Patrick stevedores concede that the battle may run for months. As the stand-off between pickets and police continued on docks around the country, abattoirs

1,800 Meat Workers Stood Down

Monday April 20, 1998
The $1.3 billion export meat industry became the first indirect victim of the waterfront crisis yesterday when 1,800 process workers were stood down. The Cattle Council of Australia said abattoirs in Victoria and NSW were closing because of trouble getting empty shipping containers. Farmers we

600 Sacked Workers Given Just A Week's Pay

Tuesday March 10, 1998
A wake took over the Central West town of Blayney yesterday as 600 meatworkers moved from workplace to pub. Their employer, ANZCO Food Pty Ltd, cited a "stock shortage" clause under the abattoirs award to sack the workers on Friday with only a week's notice. But industry sources sai

Abattoir Shutdown A Jolt For Gunnedah

Tuesday October 14, 1997
One of Australia's largest export meat abattoirs told 370 workers yesterday not to come to work for the next few weeks while the plant faces tough times. Mr Peter Spackman, the general manager of Edmonds Meat Exports in Gunnedah, said the workers, mostly casual staff, had been told yesterday mor

'my Sheep Are Not For Slaughter'

Tuesday July 29, 1997
Wool producer Matt Toole is among the NSW sheep industry's growing band of farmers angered by the handling of the outbreak of Johne's disease. He is refusing to send his 7,000 sheep for slaughter at abattoirs, despite NSW Department of Agriculture demands. "I am not getting rid of my she

5,000 Jobs At Risk: Abattoirs Facing Closure

Tuesday May 21, 1996
Up to half the State's 56 abattoirs could close with the loss of up to 5,000 jobs in country NSW, university and industry experts have warned. The University of New England's Centre for Agricultural and Regional Economics (CARE) and the Meat Industry Authority of NSW (MIA) say the outdated and in

Us Beef Exporters Force Three Abattoirs To Close

Wednesday May 15, 1996
The push by US beef exporters into Australia's traditional export markets in Japan and Korea, which has seen cattle prices slump in the past six months, yesterday led to the closure of another clutch of abattoirs across the country. The closures, by Australian Meat Holdings, of aging plants at Gu

Call To Scrap $2.1m Abattoir Rescue Plan

Monday April 8, 1996
A $2.1 million State and Federal Government deal to prop up one of Australia's largest abattoirs should be abandoned immediately, a former head of the NSW Meat Industry Authority, Mr John Carter, said yesterday. Mr Carter said the council-run Gunnedah shire abattoir, which employs 200 people, had

Threat To Beef Export Trade

Thursday February 8, 1996
The Australian Quarantine Inspection Service has admitted there are "serious flaws" in some Australian export abattoirs which could threaten Australia's $1 billion beef export trade. The national operations manager for the quarantine service, Mr Brian McDonald, said yesterday a "di

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